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Hello and Welcome. I started to like making some of the simple webpages like this. Infact this is my first ever webpage I am creating using HTML5 and CSS. I love playing games too. I have a nice 1100+ hours in a crappy game called Rocket League! Its basically a Car Soccer. I love making application using JavaFX and now I want to create some webpages so here I am xD...

The highlight is the new Maverick body. There are three different versions of the Maverick up for grabs, with the basic Maverick body unlocking at the first tier.
The sweet Maverick GXT is the final unlock for the entire Rocket Pass, though, so you’ll have to work for it. If you want this body, get ready to play a ton of Rocket League. The system works is based on tiers. With each tier a player reaches, they unlock a new item.

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